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Healthy Minds Network
College Mental Health Research Symposium

Since 2010, this annual symposium brings together leading researchers, clinicians, practitioners, students, and other parties interested in research on college student mental health. The symposium aims to foster collaboration and strengthen the link between research and practice. This interdisciplinary event invites a rich diversity in experience and expertise which helps to foster a more holistic perspective of school mental health.

14th Annual Healthy Minds Network
College Mental Health Research Symposium
March 11-12, 2024

The 14th Annual HMN College Mental Health Research Symposium welcomed over 60 individuals including representatives from Jed Foundation, Steve Fund, Active Minds, Mental Health Improvement through Community Colleges (MHICC), and the Ruderman Family Foundation.
The first day opened with key measures from the 2022-23 Healthy Minds Study national data sets.  Statistics from both the student and faculty/staff surveys were highlighted.  
This led into a conversation with students from Oakland Community College, University of Georgia, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University.  The discussion began with a focus on sense of belonging and later broadened to general recommendations for improving mental health on campus. 
After the panel wrapped up, breakout sessions allowed attendees to talk about the HMS faculty/staff survey, trauma-informed care as it relates to school safety, and mental health both among international students and on community college campuses.
The second day saw a lively dialog develop around recommendations for best practices in mental health efforts on campuses, in particular with regard to the plethora of digital resources now available to colleges and universities.

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There is metered parking available in front of the Union on either side of State Street and behind the Union on Thompson Street.  There is also a visitor parking lot at 400 Thompson Street (behind the Michigan Union) near the Student Affairs Building.  
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