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The Healthy Minds Study - Faculty / Staff Survey

Launched in Fall 2020, the HMS Faculty/Staff survey helps institutions understand their faculty and staff’s mental health and perceived ability to help students with mental health concerns.  While not all college students face mental health disorders, all students have mental health. College offers both an opportunity and a reason to learn to take care of it. Faculty and staff can play an important role in creating learning environments that support health and well-being, decrease anxiety, increase learning, and encourage seeking help when needed.

Moving forward

Considering enrolling your institution? Fill out our interest form and a member of our team will reach out!
View the questionnaire.  The HMS Questionnaire begins with the student version of the survey and ends with the faculty/staff version.
Click the link to the right to view the 2023-2024 HMS Faculty/Staff Participation Guide.
Have questions about participating as a faculty/staff member?  Check out our FAQ!

Additional Details

Survey Modules
The survey identifies challenges and opportunities that exist with respect to recognizing and responding to student needs.  The first three modules of the survey capture demographic, mental health, and mental health service utilization attitudes of faculty and staff members.  The fourth module examines faculty/staff views and experience in supporting students.  The fifth module explores the campus climate regarding mental health – both for faculty/staff themselves and their perceptions of institutional support for students.  The survey is estimated to take 20-25 minutes to complete.
Recommended Participants
While this survey might seem geared toward faculty, the survey is indeed for any staff on campus – faculty, staff, and administrative staff. We do have one part that is dedicated to “Supporting Students,” which might be seen as for faculty.  However, administrative staff often interact with students too.  Our initial pilot study was only provided to faculty, but many schools wanted to include staff because they thought the survey applied to them as well.  And, since then, the survey has been improved to be even more applicable to staff.
Participation Fees
For pricing information, please submit the Preliminary Interest Form, where you can indictate you would like a price quote to run the HMS Faculty/Staff Survey.
Data Reporting
Participating institutions receive a de-identified data set containing their faculty’s and staff’s responses to the survey items. These data are provided in multiple file formats (e.g., SPSS, Stata, and Excel).   To ensure that individuals are able to work efficiently with their campus data, the HMN team also provides access to a comprehensive codebook.