Research on Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health

Healthy Minds Data

We at HMN welcome the use of our data by others interested in college student mental health. Data and supplemental materials are available in the following formats:

The Interactive Data Interface is an online database which houses survey data from the Healthy Minds Study. The interface allows users to explore data quickly and with ease. Instructions for using the data interface can be found here.

Each year, the Healthy Minds Study produces an aggregate, national data report using data from all participating institutions in that given year. This report contains means, frequencies, proportions, counts, and graphs related to key HMS measures. These reports are free and available to the public.

Please feel free to view and download the currently available data reports, below:

Anyone, including students, may request the Healthy Minds Study data by completing the following steps. Note that our data sets never contain individual identifiers. School names are also de-identified, unless you have an absolute necessity for obtaining school names (view the Data Request Form in Step 2 for further information).

Step 1: Review the HMS Questionnaire and Codebook for your desired data, below. It may also be helpful to review publications from the Healthy Minds Study; a complete list of publications can be found here.

Step 2: Submit this Data Request Form. You will need the information listed in Step 2, as well as your signed Data Use Agreement.

You will need the following information to fill out this Request Form:

1. Your Name
2. Your role and organizational affiliation
3. Your primary research purpose for using the data
4. Whether or not you will be requesting an un-blinded data set
(i.e., a data set that either (a) includes regional variables, or (b) includes names of participating institutions–such requisition require additional justification and are subject to additional review.
5. The year(s) from which you would like data
6. Your preferred data format (e.g., Stata [.dta] or SPSS [.sav])

We collect the information in the Data Request Form for 3 main reasons: (1) to ensure secure and ethical use of our data, (2) to facilitate collaboration or at least discussion among researchers with similar interests, and (3) to learn more about how our data sets can be useful.