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Below is a list of Whitepapers authored by the Healthy Minds Network, in collaboration with our organizational partners, participants of our College Mental Health Research Symposium (CMHRS), and other key stakeholders in college student mental health. These whitepapers are intended to provide insight into the latest trends in college mental health, and help set the stage for the future of college mental health research, practice, and policy.


Research Briefs

FAQs about Student Mental Health Data and Statistics

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers and corresponding data. The answers to the FAQs provide basic facts and statistics about mental health in college student populations in the U.S. The information is intended to be useful for audiences who need basic background information, particularly the media and others communicating about college mental health. The initial FAQ document was prepared by the Healthy Minds Network team, with feedback from participants at the 2018 College Mental Health Research Symposium at the University of Michigan. Check out the FAQs About Student Mental Health Data and Statistics for the following information:

  • How many students are experiencing mental health problems?
  • Are mental health problems increasing in college populations? If so, why?
  • Are college students at higher risk for mental health problems than young adults not in college?
  • What is the economic case for investing in student mental health?
  • How does student mental health relate to academic outcomes?
  • Which types of students are at higher or lower risk for mental health problems?
  • What are the available data sources regarding mental health in college populations?
  • Which types of institutions have higher or lower prevalence of mental health problems?