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The Healthy Bodies Study

The Healthy Bodies Study (HBS) is a line of work seeking to explore the prevalence and correlates of disordered eating on college and university campuses and the extent to which students with apparent need are utilizing mental health resources. Between 2013-2015, HBS was administered as a separate online survey. It has since been incorporated as a component what is now the Healthy Minds Study.
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inkblots / TinyShifts

The "inkblots" video series is an engaging, accessible medium for delivering evidence-based self-help skills. The goal is to increase access to services and improve resiliency and mental health, particularly among young people. The videos emphasize the capacity to change cognitive, emotive, and behavioral processes. "TinyShifts" grew out of the inkblots project. TinyShifts is a project that examines how digital media can be used to enhance mental health in adolescent and young adult populations.

Athletes Connected

Athletes Connected is a unique collaboration between the University of Michigan School of Public Health, Depression Center, and Athletic Department designed to increase awareness of mental health issues, reduce the stigma of help-seeking, and promote positive coping skills among student athletes.
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Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a gatekeeper training program designed to increase knowledge and skills of non-clinicians. As compared to a program such as QPR (Question, Persuade, and Refer), the main difference is that MHFA is broader, with extensive coverage of not just suicide risk but also depression, anxiety, non-suicidal self-injury, psychotic disorders, and eating disorders). We conducted a 32-campus randomized trial of the effectiveness of MHFA as a training option for resident advisors (RAs). Related papers can be found on our Publications page.

The Roommate Study

In a project funded by the W.T. Grand Foundation, we analyzed how college roommates influence each other's mental health, help-seeking behaviors, and related outcomes. This analysis is based on the "natural experiment" in which roommates are randomly assigned to each other. Related papers can be found on our Publications page.

The HMN Student Leadership Coalition

The HMN Student Leadership Coalition was a University of Michigan student organization established in Fall 2014 to connect a network of leaders on campus to increase discussion and awareness of mental health issues as well as engagement in research and programming for student mental health.
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