Data for Researchers

Data for Researchers

We welcome the use of our data by others interested in college student mental health. Data are available in 2 formats: (1) the interactive data interface, and (2) data sets.

Interactive data interface ( The interactive data interface is an online database, which houses survey data from the Healthy Minds Study and the Healthy Bodies Study. The interface allows users to explore data quickly and with ease. Instructions for using the data interface can be found here.

Data sets: Anyone, including students, may request the Healthy Minds Study data by completing the following steps. Note that our data sets never contain individual identifiers. School names are also de-identified.

Step 1: Review the comprehensive codebook found here. It may also be helpful to review publications from the Healthy Minds Study; a complete list of publications can be found here.

Step 2: Email us at to request the data. In your email please include 3 pieces of information: (1) your role and organizational affiliation (e.g., PhD student at [name of your university]), (2) your main interest in using the data (e.g., to examine anxiety across race/ethnicity), and (3) your preferred data format (e.g., Stata (.dta) or SPSS (.sav)).

We collect this information for 2 main reasons: (1) to facilitate collaboration or at least discussion among researchers with similar interests, and (2) to learn more about how our data sets can be useful.

Healthy Minds Study Questionnaires: