Healthy Minds Study for Secondary Schools

HMS2 is a web-based survey study that explores the mental health and well-being among students at secondary schools. The survey aims to better understand factors that influence student mental health and well-being such as help-seeking and health behaviors, knowledge and attitudes about mental health, and social and emotional development. 

Launched in the Fall of 2020, this project reflects a collaborative effort by the JED Foundation, the Ethel and James Flinn Foundation, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation.

Student Participation FAQ

Have questions about joining the study? Click here to learn more about who takes the survey, what it's like, and how we protect your data.

Participation Video

Taking the survey? This video will tell you more about how to get started!

Student Advisory Board

Meet the 2019-2020 board members that helped guide the development of the Healthy Minds Study for Secondary Schools.

Project Support

The Healthy Minds Network is grateful for the KyleCares' ongoing collaboration and support of HMS2. KyleCares is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting open and honest communication about the mental health challenges experienced by teens and young adults in today's society.
For more information, visit the KyleCares website.