Recent Events

September 13 – Mind the Teacher: Mental Health Matters

Dr. Daniel Eisenberg appeared on the first episode of a podcast miniseries devoted to “understanding and addressing the challenges posed by poor mental health in schools, particularly among teachers.” 

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August 5 – Teaching in Higher Ed: The Role of Faculty in Student Mental Health

HMN Principal Investigator, Dr. Sarah Ketchen Lipson appeared on the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast to discuss the role faculty play in student mental health.

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March 18/19 — Depression on College Campuses Conference 2020 [University of Michigan Depression Center]

Each year the Depression on College Campuses Conference hosts attendees from over 50 colleges and universities from across the nation for a focused review of recent research and practical advances in our understanding of depressive illnesses in college students.

The 2020 Depression on College Campuses Conference explored the intersection of identity and mental health. The conference aimed to examine how we can work to create and support diverse campus communities that foster equitable opportunity and a sense of belonging among all students.

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March 17/18 — 10th Annual College Mental Health Research Symposium [The Healthy Minds Network]

The annual College Mental Health Research Symposium hosted by the Healthy Minds Network continued to bring together the brightest minds in higher education mental health research. Collaborative conversations were centered around trends and areas for progress within the field. 

February 21/22 — National Conference 2020 [Active Minds]

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HMN Data Manager Sasha Zhou and Study Coordinator Akilah Patterson presented on the key findings of the Healthy Minds Study and moderated and served on a panel focused on achieving equity in college mental health. The conference brought together student organizations and health education specialists to discuss and share programs and initiatives to improve the mental health of young adults.

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NASPA Strategies Conference 2020 January 16th-18th

Healthy Minds Network Associate-Director Sarah Lipson and Study Coordinator Amber Talaski attended the conference in New Orleans to share information and mental health knowledge to student affairs professionals. The 2020 NASPA Strategies Conferences provides student affairs practitioners with the knowledge and skills to effectively address collegiate alcohol and drug abuse prevention, mental health, sexual violence prevention and response, and well-being through a variety of comprehensive and integrative approaches.