Research Symposium

College Mental Health Research Symposium (at University of Michigan)

Sunday, March 19 and Monday, March 20, 2017

Our annual symposium brings together leading researchers, clinicians, practitioners, and other key stakeholders interested in research on college student mental health. Participants have included representatives from not only universities but also organizations such as Active Minds, the Jed Foundation, AUCCCD, the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, the National College Depression Partnership, the National Research Consortium, and many others. The Symposium aims to foster collaboration and strengthen the link between research and practice. The Symposium began in 2010, and is now an annual event. It precedes the Depression on College Campuses Conference at University of Michigan. 

The follow-up materials from the 2016 Symposium (March 8-9) are available here.

The follow-up materials from the 2015 Symposium (March 10-11) are available here